Honesty is so important in the mortgage business. You need a broker who can offer the best rates, products and get you into the right home, however, honesty is what really matters. Not every situation is the same, and Trudy will see that instantly. Her demeanor, knowledge of the industry/products/services, and ability to match you with a lender are what you really need...and will get.  Tim Conrad

Trudy provides the best in customer service and rates when it comes to getting a mortgage. She will educate you every step of the way and will provide a wealth of knowledge to make your future home purchases a breeze.  Marlin Lucuk

Trudy is the utmost best mortgage broker I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Trudy will do nothing short of going above and beyond to ensure her client is taken care of and get the best deal possible. Far and above all expectations!!  Kelly Neighbour

I've known Trudy for 3+ years and WOW!!! If you need a mortgage for your home this is a person who gives her all to her clients. She will guide you through the whole mortgage loan process whether you are a first time home buyer or looking to invest into rental properties. I know of one instance where a client could not quite obtain a mortgage and Trudy provided a financial guidance plan for them to follow and within a short time the person was able to obtain a mortgage. Talk about investing into your clients success. You want the best customer experience, look no further!!!  Geoff Parsons

I recently went to see Trudy to get some advice about purchasing a investment property. Trudy epitomizes professional. She provided all of the information I needed to start planning for our future. I would strongly recommend anyone looking at purchasing go see Trudy first. Time well spent!  Keith Winsor

(from 3 years ago) Trudy is a great Coach as she guides clients along the Financing path. (November 2016) - Oh my gosh do the rules change and that's why Trudy is a must see for financing or refinancing needs. The Feds just hammered in a huge pre-approval 'stress test' for buyers and that causes fear and mistrust so the experience, compassion and trustworthiness of Trudy is essential in allaying your concerns; she will coach you to your goals, backed by over 20 years in the industry. Your home is her heart.  John Maclennan

She is by far the nicest, easiest and most informed broker I have ever dealt with! Your home is her heart! Rhiannon Bradley

As long as I live in GP Trudy MacDougall will be my mortgage broker. Helped me over the last 10 years through good times and bad but has always made it work out in my favour. A+ service!   Cody Clark

Trudy MacDougall is amazing, highly recommend. She was so patient with me, went over and beyond to make sure I understood the entire process and even when I become a procrastinator and got myself in a bind she totally stepped up and took time out of her personal life to help me. Hands down best experience.   Jasmine Young

When I bought my first house 3.5 years ago, Trudy was amazing! Extremely helpful and was willing to answer any questions I had. Even now when I have any questions or concerns she responds quickly and continues to help me out. I would highly recommend anyone to go to Trudy!  Rahel Furger

Trudy MacDougall has helped me purchase 5 homes in the last 15 years and each time she has made the process easy to understand, stress free, and always gets the best rate available.  Her knowledge of the real estate business is second to none and her attention to detail and dedication to her clients shines through.  She truly cares about people and enjoys helping them get into a home they love.  Thank you Trudy!   Angela Kuysters


Trudy was recommended to me five years ago when I was self-employed and was having difficulty finding a mortgage lender.  Despite having been turned down by two mortgage brokers already for being “too high a risk” Trudy assured me that she could help. She not only managed to secure a loan for me but provided an impeccable, professional level of service.  Now together with my husband we are planning to upgrade to a family home in the near future and Trudy is my first and only choice for a broker.   Karen Johnsrud

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